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Based on surveys, reviews, and generally inquiring about online grocery shopping and delivery, everyone
is not only open to the idea, but they would love to make their lives easier and their taste buds happier.
What is preventing those who want to make the transition from physically grocery shopping to online
grocery shopping and delivery is cost. The general consensus is that it’s too pricey for the services, and
that is simply not true. Yes, there is a delivery fee that you wouldn’t have to pay if you went yourself,
but are you not spending your money on the gas it costs to get there and back? And we are all guilty of
unnecessary impulse shopping once we see those tempting foods taunting us, pressuring us to throw
away the diet we started or the health kick we promised ourselves. Do those unbudgeted items not rack
up your grocery bill to a cost you didn’t anticipate before entering the store? With online grocery
shopping and delivery, you are never paying for gas or impulse buys. You have the luxury of choosing full
meals either fully prepared, or requiring little food prep before cooking, and then your shopping is
complete. You cannot purchase unhealthy snack foods when they are not an option. Plus, if you do your
research, there are many online grocery and food services that offer a dollar amount off, sales on
particular meals or for ordering on certain days of the week, and many more offerings to decrease your
costs and increase your downtime. You often get a major discount on your first purchase too, and that
alone is worth the trial. I’m not sure I know anyone who would say no to a freshly prepared gourmet
meal delivered right to their front door. Give it a try and you will not be sorry.