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Are you with the skeptics or the believers...

When it comes to innovation, there are two types of people; the skeptics, and believers. In most
instances, a little skepticism is probably healthy. Better safe than sorry, they say. There are the fads that
never do last, the phenomenon’s that turn out to be a “just kidding,” and then you have the solutions,
which of course create an answer to a need we didn’t know we had.

There is one innovation that has in the past few years hit the markets full force and is still going strong,
and that would be online grocery shopping and delivery. I’m writing this article because this is an
innovative idea that works. It’s very important that we educate each other on the things that arrive in
our social media feeds, emails, and surface on the internet once we have experienced them. I have had
multiple experiences with online grocery services in order the to make my assessment and I feel very
confident in telling you all that it truly does work. I have signed up for accounts on four different sites
offering this service, all of them offering a twist that differentiates one from the other. Some company’s
tag line a specialty in healthy foods, some guarantee a “made the day it ships”, and others have a dollar
off amount for different selections for every purchase and the sale never ends. No matter which service
I ordered from, the food was always fresh, had vibrant coloring, reasonable cook times, and arrived on
schedule. I have never looked forward to putting together dinner before, and I have even started to go
borderline extreme with it and I’m ordering meals for lunch as well. It just makes sense. Why would I
make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the lunch meal I have been eating since 1994 and full of carbs,
when I could have a fresh healthy lunch brought right to my door that happens to be delicious beyond
words. In all honesty, these meals make you feel as though you are in a five-star restaurant that you
never want to leave.

So now you must ask yourself, are you a skeptic or a believer? Please, for your sake, become a believer.
When they say online grocery shopping and delivery works, they tell no lies.