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No Sugar, No Problem

she can no longer digest sugar.

We were out with friends last night for dinner, and one of them turned to us and said there wasn’t much
on the menu she could eat. She had been told by her nutritionist that she can no longer digest sugar. I
asked her if the adjustment was as difficult as it seems it would be. She said that it was extremely
difficult to find foods to eat at restaurants, or at least foods she likes. But other than that, she has been
ordering her food online and having her meals delivered. The online food services put together the
gluten-free meals for you so that you don’t have to think about what goes into it. It can be a full-time
job doing all the research and often discouraging when you can’t find the things you are hoping to. It
seems that more and more people are dealing with dietary constrictions whether it by the doctors’
orders, or self-imposed. Online grocery shopping and delivery a wonderful option for situations such as
this where you are changing your diet or food preferences and you want a smooth transition.