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Everyone in my family has always been a really great cook. We are Italian and Greek, and have binders
full of delicious recipes that we can pull from for dinners, lunch, breakfast, desserts, you name it. We are
very traditional and very rigid in the food department, and if it’s not homemade, it’s not real food.
Unreasonable? Absolutely, but this was what I thought I knew. I was brought up to physically go to the
store, start in produce to get your fresh fruits and veggies, and work your way around from the outside
in gathering your weekly food items for the meals that you have mapped out carefully on Sunday
evening. Cutting corners is a common practice of mine, but here is where it gets tough: family functions.
Serve a dish made with frozen or canned foods would cause looks of suspicion and distrust. Readymade
appetizers would get you a whole lot of leftovers for the week since no one would touch them. And
buying a three-tiered cake rather than making one homemade would earn you the pleasure of shameful
whispers throughout the entire evening. For this reason, I have never been an “order your meals online”
kind of person. However, we must consider why a tradition has earned its name in this day in age,
because culture and society has changed so much. I personally don’t know anyone outside of my retired
parents who could dedicate a full day to one family meal that is in fairness very well presented, but gone
shortly after those first few words to the people across from you, “So, how was your day?” Between
going to the store, shopping, lines, traffic, lugging everything inside, putting it away, and starting your
prep, it’s been hours already. In 2019, no working individual with a social life and family obligations has
time for that. Even if by some chance you do, it’s a safe to assume everyone could use a little
convenience in life and would appreciate more free time to do as they please. Just last week, we finally
committed and ordered groceries and fresh healthy readymade dinners online for one full week to try it
out. We were able to schedule delivery times for right when we got home from work, we set the table,
and relaxed with delicious meals without the time and effort. The test was the produce and meat. The
veggies were crisp and flavorful, and the meat was cooked to perfection. We are now fully committed
online grocery shopping and delivery and will never turn back. Apologies to our families who will surely
understand once they come for dinner.