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Holiday Shopping Lines

These lines can sooo long

If you are on the fence between traditional grocery shopping and the online grocery shopping trend
that’s taking the internet by storm, Holidays are the perfect excuse to try it out. First off, just imagining
the traffic on the way there, and all the jams in the parking lot are enough to make you want to stay
home. You experience a few frustrating turns after weaving in and out of parking rows and reversing ten
times just to end up settling on a spot about a mile away anyway. Once you get inside it’s just a cluster
of everyone frantically scouring the aisles and pulling things off the shelves as if we are taking shelter for
some seriously bad weather. If you can manage to find everything you came there for without bashing
carts with multiple people and repeatedly exchanging apologies, then it was a successful day. By the
time you get to a checkout line, you are pretty much halfway down the baking aisle waiting 25 minutes
for it to be your turn. You finally cash out, hike back to your car and weave back through the traffic to
get home. Prep your arms for lugging everything inside and brining it to the fridge too. Once everything
is put away, you check the clock noting it’s been hours, and the cooking hasn’t even begun! This whole
process and all frustrations that coincide with it can be easily avoided with online grocery shopping and
delivery. No traffic, no lines, no competing for the last item on the shelf, and no heavy lifting. Your food
items are delivered right to your front door. You can schedule your delivery time and have your
groceries set to meet you at the front steps right before you are ready to begin cooking up a storm for
that Holiday Party. It sounds like a no brainer, right? That’s because there isn’t a downside. So, if you are
still on the fence, do yourself a favor and try online grocery shopping and delivery for those summer
holidays that are right around the corner. You won’t be sorry.