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Adding Hours to Our Days

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It’s safe to assume that the initial reasoning behind a consumer’s decision for online grocery shopping
and delivery would be convenience, avoiding traffic and long lines, it’s easier to budget, and it can be
done any time of the day or night. What people neglect to realize is that it can become a truly beneficial
lifestyle that opens your world up to an abundance of options. You can just look at it as adding hours to
your day without any burden, only convenience. According to the Wall Street Journal, most Americans
that are employed full-time spend the majority of their weekdays on things that are necessary. Coming
in at the top with a very impressive 8.86 hours is sleep (good for us) and the runner up is working, at
8.13 hours, with no surprise there. We spend 3.2 hours on TV, leisure and sports, and 1.08 hours eating
and drinking. We then spend about 1.10 hours on household activities and almost one full hour
shopping. The other miscellaneous hours that are below the one-hour mark are designated to
education, caring for family and non-family, our phones, mail, and emails (Dam and Morath, 2016.) Now
here’s the thing, every American included in this survey likely wants to take time from their work hours
and add that time to leisure, personal care, sleep, the list goes on. While working is a necessary part of
most of our lives and the economy, we can easily remove the hours we spend shopping and add to our
activities of choice. One hour of shopping per weekday totals five hours per week we can allocate
elsewhere. Whether you are looking to get back into your gym routine, take up yoga, spend more time
with your loved ones, or just get that one errand done that has been silently hounding you for weeks,
you can. The point here is that we are all just one decision away from being that much closer to
spending our lives the way we want to, rather than being plagued by our obligations. We often let our
obligations run our lives rather than allowing ourselves the ability to spend our time the way we choose.
Online grocery shopping is here to help us modern day hard-working (fully fueled by sleep) individuals.
We just have to view this as an investment in ourselves, which is truly what it is.