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Rushing Home

Will we be on time

People say, this could happen, that could happen. Safety is and should be top of mind in everything that
we do. While we never wish to live our lives in fear, we also should have one eye open to any situation. I
thought of this with my home grocery delivery other day.
My wife had placed our family grocery order around 1:25pm and her shopper was expected to arrive to
house by 2:30, so we headed home. I started thinking about a few things like, “This is so super
convenient, but what would happen if we ran into traffic and if my daughter had to accept the order? Is
it safe?” While my daughter is 20 years old and semi grown, as she states, she’ll always be my baby
girl. So, I raced home.
We arrived home in plenty of time, but I still chose to watch my daughter receive the delivery when they
rang the doorbell and it was so straightforward and smooth. The shopper or delivery person came to the
door with their company shirt on and bags in hand. They announced themselves, gave my daughter the
receipt and then the bags. The delivery person then came back several times with more bags to hand to
my daughter. My wife clearly enjoyed grocery shopping online today.
After watching the overall delivery experience, the concern about safety went away. Having home
grocery delivery is pretty much like the delivery of anything else, just more bags and some fragile items,
if you get eggs. I’m sold.